ABB Enclosures and Cabinets for Electrical Installations


ABB Enclosures and Cabinets: General Information

The Switzerland company is involved in manufacturing of electrical enclosures, also known as advanced boxes that let you deploy and arrange electrical cables, install circuit breakers, and monitoring systems. The company embraces the entire marketplace in this sphere by providing diverse solutions. ABB enclosures can be made of plastic, stainless steel, or sheet steel. The device may feature a door and different protection classes (either IEC or NEMA depending on the country). ABB enclosures wouldn’t even be considered without a huge number of additional components. And the company offers plenty of them: You can get mounting plates, different types of doors, frames, cross pieces, adapters, wire holders, screws, wall grips, DIN-rails, and other components. Other than that, ABB sorts the electrical enclosures depending on the field where they should be used. Therefore, as a customer, you can choose big expensive units that are used at industries or smaller ones for installation at home.

Below, you can find the general selection of ABB electrical enclosures. The naming is simple: ABB calls all the enclosures “System Pro E” and adds another word to make the group distinct.

ABB Groups of Electrical Enclosures

1. The System Pro E Comfort enclosures from ABB

The Mistral series of ABB electrical enclosures is included in the group. It is divided into several sub-groups, notably the Mistral 41F for flush-mounting installation, Mistral 41W for wall installation, and Mistral 65. The Mistral 41F with the part number 1SLM004100A1110 is a great example of this series. The main characteristics of this System Pro E Comfort version are:

  • Width/height/depth are 430/735/105mm respectively;
  • Gross weight reaches 4.5kg;
  • Ingress protection level is IP45;
  • Thermoplastic case;
  • Support for 72 modules;
  • Flush mounting installation on the wall;
  • Nontransparent door with inverse installation;
  • The door opens at 180 degrees;
  • Horizontal leveling.

We would like to bring your attention to the fact that ABB specifies different depth of the Mistral 41F enclosure. The product page shows 105mm, while the System Pro E Comfort Mistral catalog indicates that the device is more deep–up to 128mm. This is strange information, so keep that in mind when you select a solution. The company doesn’t make only one Mistral. The model we mentioned is also available with a blue transparent door. As for the number of modules, a Mistral enclosure can use two, six, eight, 10, and up to 72 of them. The Mistral line can have either IP41 or IP65. These electrical enclosures are available in two colors–gray or white. The opaque door may be of the same color. The supported currents are 63 to 125A. Mistral enclosures support up to two DIN rails and multiple mounting plates for cables.

2. The System Pro E Control Enclosures from ABB

This line of ABB electrical enclosures consists of three sub-groups as well. The company makes Gemini plastic enclosures, automation enclosures, and stainless-steel ones. The distinguishing feature of the ABB System pro E control enclosures is their capacity to withstand aggressive environment. We are going to speak in detail about the line of Gemini enclosures.

In order to make an enclosure or switchboard robust enough to endure influence of aggressive surroundings, manufacturers resort to the use of polyester. ABB decided to take a different tack–the company has used a special thermoplastic material for Gemini enclosures. It has the same mechanical characteristics as polyester, but it doesn’t use any fiberglass. Overall, the construction of the device is much better. Now, you can learn some other features of the ABB Gemini enclosures:

  • Width/height/depth up to 840x1005x360mm for external dimensions;
  • Six sizes of a box;
  • Ingress protection level is IP66;
  • Protection against moisture, saline solution, acid, mineral oils, etc.;
  • Can be used for low-voltage modular circuit breakers and other devices;
  • 100% recyclable materials;
  • Level of impact protection is IK10;
  • Ability to arrange 24 up to 216 DIN modules;
  • Class II for insulation;
  • Resistance to temperatures up to 750°C.

IP66 decreases to IP30 once you open the door (nothing strange). Otherwise, no liquid can get to the inners of the Gemini enclosure. As for the mounting of the door, it is…reversible and doesn’t require using of any tools. If nothing hampers the door, it can open at 180 degrees angle and even more. As for the design of the door, you may order a transparent or opaque one. The door of a Gemini switchboard features either a standard or cipher-key lock. Another option is a lock with a square or triangular impression.

Again, we note a great deal of choice of the ABB Gemini enclosures.

3. The System Pro E Combi Enclosures from ABB

We are happy to see this line of enclosures from ABB. The System Pro E Combi modular panels are supplied as preassembled units. ABB creates two types of modular distribution panel systems–the CombiLine E and CombiLine N. These enclosures join in a group several devices that can be used at home or in some industrial space. The CombiLine enclosures use a mounting system created by Striebel&John. Let’s give a look to the CombiLine features:

  • Support for up to 850A currents;
  • Different IP levels, including IP30, 40, 42, 43, 55;
  • Flush, hollow or direct surface mounting options;
  • Available in five modifications (with fire protection, compact size, switchgear variant, floor- and wall-mounting cabinets);
  • EDF or WR mounting frames for 400A or 850A respectively;
  • Availability of protection classes I or II;
  • Full set of auxiliary components (busbars, brackets, mounting plates, etc.);
  • Enclosure configurations are made prior to delivery;
  • Support for different mounting frames (must be ordered separately);
  • 30 ranges of enclosures overall.

We should pay attention to the brackets for these enclosures. The company describes the deep-mounting bracket for the CombiLine enclosure as an innovative and advanced item. The main feature of this bracket is doubled insulation: you only remove the metal cover from it to ensure such a feature. Other insulation will be unnecessary. Thanks to the fact that ABB assembles devices at the factory, you get a fully operational plug-and-play unit. This simplifies the task of installation to the minimum.

4. The System Pro E Energy Enclosures from ABB

We are getting closer to more potent solutions. The ABB System Pro E Energy enclosures include the next types of products: compact distribution boards, wall-mounted cabinets, floor-standing cabinets, meterboards, enclosures protected from fires, and TwinLine enclosures. We want to talk about the enclosures with protection against fires. They are distributed under the Striebel&John brand. The Striebel&John floor standing SF enclosure shows the next list of features:

  • I30/E30 or I90/E90 depth classifications;
  • Ingress protection level is IP41 (minimal protection against liquids);
  • Sealed internals;
  • Special rod for locking the door;
  • Additional internal door;
  • Opening angle – 180 degrees;
  • Ventilated and non-ventilated doors.

ABB assembles units protected against fires for simple residential installation, as well as for the large buildings, such as airports or railway stations, and similar. ABB also makes enclosures for industrial buildings and other peculiar applications. This may be very difficult to pick a fireproof cabinet from ABB. The best starting point would be the size of necessary enclosure. Once you select a properly sized fireproof cabinet, it would be much easier to decide on other components.

5. The System Pro E Power Enclosures from ABB

This line of ABB enclosures counts three items, namely the System Pro E Power, ArTu PanelBoard, and ArTu K. Yes, the company specifically shows that the System Pro E Power enclosures include the sub-group of System Pro E Power enclosures. We feel that ABB tries to confuse us with this range of products. But let’s concentrate our attention on the ArTu PanelBoard enclosures. This series consists of yet another three groups of panel boards. Actually, ABB has three standard options for you. The ArTu PanelBoard can be a partly or fully assembled device, or you can order a device with many customization possibilities. We assume that a fully customizable unit would be the most tempting solution, so we are going to learn specifications of an appropriate ArTu PB example.

  • Support for IEC61439-1 and IEC61439-2;
  • Designed for the T1, T3, XT1, and XT3 moulded-case circuit breakers;
  • Single-, three-, and four-pole versions;
  • 390mm side chamber for cable entry;
  • Rated currents from 250A up to 1250A;
  • Great number of accessories (glazed doors, metering chambers, side- and top/bottom-extension modules, plinths, aluminium flanges, etc.).

The ABB enclosures in this series will let you easily arrange different ABB moulded-case circuit breakers. Since the company makes the entire range of electrical products, the installation of an electrical enclosure is truly straightforward.

The End Words About ABB Enclosures

We appreciate a lot that the company offers an unbelievably grand number of enclosures and the widest possible range of extra components for installation. Nonetheless, ABB makes a strange move by offering nearly the same sets of enclosures in two separate lines, in particular, in the System Pro E Power and System Pro E Combi series. This can bewilder the client. So, we suggest that you pay extreme attention to the ABB enclosures and their features when choosing a solution for your house or industrial space.

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