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We decided to start with ABB heat detectors. These devices are not widespread if compared to smoke detectors. At the same time, such a device for fire-protection suits perfectly some specific usage patterns. For example, if you mount a smoke detector in your kitchen, laundry room, or garage, it will emit sound even when there is no fire. The kitchen and the garage can be filled with smoke when you make a meal or start a car. Unfortunately, smoke detectors (ABB devices included) cannot be set up in the way that they are more or less sensitive depending on the area of use. This is because of the technology used in them. Thus, a differently working fire-protection device must be installed in such areas – the heat detector. Judging by the exterior, an ABB heat detector is very similar in shape and size to an ABB smoke detector. There are other similarities, which you notice when learn the specifications of the device. The ABB heat detector devices are known as ‘Busch-Heat alarm detector ProfessionalLINE’.

ABB Heat Detector Specifications

  • Alarm is started at 50 degrees Celsius or higher;
  • Built-in lithium battery for +10 years of normal operation;
  • Emitted noise reaches 85dB at three meters distance;
  • Applicable standard is DIN EN 14604;
  • Can be used in a network of up to 12 or 20 devices (depending on the device);
  • Additional test button;
  • Additional mute button.

For operation in a network, an ABB heat detector can employ a 2-wire line or a radio module for connection amongst all the devices. The company makes only a pair of heat detectors. They are nearly the same. The only difference is the number of devices that you can connect in a group – 12 or 20. The last, we are again slightly bewildered by the fact that ABB shows other data on the heat detectors web page. Maybe, new Busch heat detectors are more sensitive, so they can trigger the signal at 50°C. But the ABB website states that the heat detector will sound at 57°C. The battery in an ABB heat detector is not replaceable. So, you will have to purchase a new device if it dies faster than it should. This is highly unlikely, however. But it would be better to have the possibility to replace the battery at any time. Basically, this is all information we can retrieve on ABB heat detectors. Now learn about the smoke detectors in the next paragraphs.

ABB Smoke Detector

ABB smoke detectors are available in six variants. Specification-wise, they are almost the same. An ABB smoke detector is an optical device with all that is implies. In particular, an ABB optical smoke detector is able to register a smouldering fire much faster then an ionization smoke detector. Surely, it can notice a flaming fire too. We also like the pricing for ABB smoke detectors: they cost nearly the same amounts as their counterparts on the market. Now let’s just learn what exactly an ABB smoke detector can offer.

ABB Smoke Detector Specifications

  • Six versions of the detector;
  • Various batteries with various periods of normal operation;
  • The noise level attains 85dB at a 3m distance;
  • Applicable standard is DIN EN 14604;
  • Can be used in a network of up to 12/20 devices;
  • Additional test button;
  • Additional mute button.

Any ABB smoke detector is able to work at 0…+40°C temperatures. As we told several times, smoke detectors from ABB are available in six modifications. They are featured with batteries of different types. For instance, you can buy an ABB smoke detector with a lithium irreplaceable battery. The battery voltage can be 3 or 9 volts. Apart from these batteries, the device can use an alkaline battery to work for two years. The smoke detector will signalize once such a battery will be exhausted. Understandably, you can easily replace it with another one. Frankly speaking, we wouldn’t buy a smoke detector with an alkaline battery. If you want to create a network from ABB smoke detectors, use no more than 12 devices.


ABB smoke detectors and heat alarms are definitely great products. We could have blamed the company for not making more variants of smoke detectors. But there is no logic in that. Such devices are pretty simple, and they cannot be seriously improved. ABB smoke and heat detectors are modern and able, so you can freely use such a device at home. Unfortunately, ABB doesn’t make ionizing detectors or combined variants. Still, the specifications are good. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy an ABB smoke or heat detector, if you need a device to protect your home from fires.

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