What is GSMA?

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GSMA is an association that is related to GSM mobile telephone system. GSMA shows interest in all mobile communications production. It almost combines 800 mobile operators and also more than 200 companies. This association connects the people and share their best practices. It starts a process to communicate all programs given by the GSMA to the Operator Community and establish expert groups within GSMA. It also makes a group of experts from the associate community for each region. The basic purpose of GSMA is to reduce the price of international calls and making it better. GSMA is now spread almost every where in the world and facilitating us with its best features.

Brief History of the GSMA

GSMA is established in 1987 with the help of only 15 operators. They decided to joint different area network for mobile communications. With the passage of time it became the global trade group for the mobile industry. Now GSMA has more than 3.5 billion customers and with those more than 750 operators. Mobile technology is improving rapidly with so many enhanced features. GSMA is also combing the some initiative ideas.

Improvement is the input to the development of new services and prolonged choice for every member of the mobile community. The GSMA will maintain to contribute its part in motivating and encouraging this growth.

How it Works?

The GSMA has implemented the One Voice Initiative to make some features more attractive. It has developed a standard way of delivering voice and messaging services for Long-Term Evolution (LTE). This new plan of GSMA is now implemented on more than 40 organizations including mobile operators and handset manufacturers.

The GSMA will also move ahead for the development of the specifications that will enable interconnection and international roaming between LTE networks

Agenda of GSMA

  • GSMA support the full participation of the initiatives taken by GSMA in content related issues to smooth the progress of most excellent practice information and sharing
  • It Increase operator awareness and participation in individual market engagement
  • Another very important program of GSMA is to help poor migrant workers
  • GSMA also provide guidance for all the mobile operators.
  • It also guides some new programmes to help the operator community.
  • It provides awareness to the mobile community.


  • The most important advantage of GSMA is that id reducing call prices
  • Increasing choice of payment services
  • GSMA is the challenge in new world so it is also increasing competition among mobile operators.
  • Covers every roaming situation

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