Types of Computer Cases


Computer case, pc case or an outer shell of the computer; both refer to the same thing. A computer case, PC case, or a computer cabinet is a box like structured thing in which the components, pertinent to a computer are assembled into, and well embedded in an integrated manner in the relevance of their chronology (in terms of size and functioning); for example the RAM, motherboard, hard disk, cooling fans etc. The purpose of the built of computer cases was to secure the components of the computer by fixing those inside, just like a room in which the furniture is set accordingly. It includes a push button on the front which is attached, directly to the mother board. It is basically used for switching on/off. Mostly, the construction of its built comprises of steel, aluminum or plastic. Wood, Lego or Plexiglas is carved to develop certain shapes and designs so that a customer can have a wider range of computer cases of the relevant choice.

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Normally, the size of a computer case is considered to be in pertinence to the mother board size. Concerning this, there are mainly two types that categorize computer cases. One we see is in standing position and that is called as a tower, and the other is desktop, which is lying.

Tower Computer Cases

Tower computer cases are further categorized into mini-tower, mid-sized tower and full-sized tower. An ATX designed case is likely seen in tower built. A mini-tower is an excellent choice for small businesses and end-users as it can be placed below or on the top of a computer desk. It is relatively crammed up more efficiently as mid-sized tower which on the other hand is one of the commonly used computer case by all business and domestic users. Where as a full-sized tower, is an excellent choice for server builders who need stand alone machines. It is considered excellent for upgrading.

Desktop Computer Cases

Desktop computer cases are an excellent choice for those people who want their monitor screens to be placed on the top of the cases, and that’s because of its tough built and well integrated safe infra-structure. It really is compatible with the business user needs too as it has the upgrading mode as well. A slim-line desktop is used amongst setting the workstations in the larger companies like universities or IT firms and it is for business users specially who can compensate with the low room concerning adding additional peripherals to it.

Computer Cases Production

Some of the renowned companies which are known for computer cases production are Antec, AOpen, chieftech, evercase, foxconn, Gigabyte Technology, IXIUM, linchi, circle, NZXT, Odyssey, Shuttle Inc., Silverstone technology, Thermaltake, HEC compucase, Yue Lin, Zebronics, Raidmax, OrigenAE, Zalman etc

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